Bizagi Modeler

Bizagi Modeler 2.9

Easy-to-use concept map editor

Bizagi Process Modeler lets you diagram and document your processes free of charge using the standard BPMN notation.

Take the first step of your journey into Business Process Management with Bizagi Modeler. This free and easy to use software enables businesses to graphically diagram, document and simulate processes in a standard format known as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). With Bizagi Modeler, you can make BPMN process diagrams, generate professional and comprehensive process documentation (Word, PDF, Web), collaborate with your team in the cloud or on premise, and much more.

Unlike competitor products, Bizagi Modeler is designed for business users, not programmers. With Bizagi Modeler’s powerful drag and drop tools, you can diagram, document and publish your process maps without writing a single line of code. This approach engages Business and IT from the start, encouraging collaboration around the process model and paving the way for fast results, stakeholder engagement and long-term process improvement.

Simply download Bizagi Modeler from the Internet and use in a desktop or portable computer. Bizagi Modeler is available for free without time limits or restrictions on user numbers, allowing users to fully trial the software before making any financial commitment. To date, Bizagi Modeler has been downloaded over 200,000 times, creating a lively Community of Bizagi experts worldwide.

Key features and benefits of Bizagi Modeler:

• Based 100% on the BPMN notation - Bizagi is an active member of the group in charge of defining the standard in the OMG.

• Collaborate with other team members during process definition - run discussions, collaborate in the Cloud or On-Premise. Work offline and sync when you are back.

• Multi-language – available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and Czech

• Simulate your processes in real time - predict how your great ideas will actually impact the real world.

Bizagi Modeler


Bizagi Modeler 2.9